Monday, January 20, 2014


     In anticipation of yesterday's readings from Scripture, I wrote a piece for our Diocesan Web Site on those Scriptures readings - I have also fine tuned it a bit after four liturgies (Saturday evening at 4:00, Sunday morning at 8:30 & 11:00, and the regional Mass at Saint Barbara Church at 6:00 pm last evening).

     The operative word was CALL.  We heard of the call of the prophet Isaiah to be the voice of God to his people, and then the Lord expanding that mission so that he would be a light to the nations.  We heard Paul tell his followers in Corinth that he was called to be an Apostle, reminding them that they were called to holiness, and that all of us are called to call upon the Lord for mercy and grace.  John the Baptist and Jesus are presented in the Gospel as being called to bring about the Kingdom of God - John by pointing the way through Jesus and Jesus by being the way.

     An axiom that was given us in theology states that "God calls ... man responds."  It is important for us to continually remind ourselves of our call - to life, to new life through the waters of baptism, into family, both personal, locally and universally as Church, to vocation and to mission in the service of God and neighbor, and to glory as we enter the holiness of God.  Being clear regarding our call, we need to respond with sincerity of heart and total abandon - "Hear I am, Lord.  I come to do your will."


     An interesting note:  In my Diocesan Reflection on the Scriptures, I messed up!   I spoke of the call of Saul to kingly anointing and to be the champion of his people over their enemies.  Looking over my reflection after submitting it, I said to myself - well, it is about "call", but where did I get that reading?  It was not in Isaiah.  The readings last week, though, did speak of Samuel and Saul.  Oh well, we all make mistakes (especially me)!

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