Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pray for your priests

     As we enter into this new year, a request and a reminder comes from these pages to "pray for priests".  It is a selfish request on my part as the need for prayer continues to make itself known each day, but it is also a needed request for the strength and vitality of the Church.  For while the Church is made up of all of the baptized faithful, the health and vitality of her shepherds is extremely important for the good of all.

     We are blessed with a Holy Father in Pope Francis that is refreshing and inspiring to many as he draws our attention to the poor and lowly who share the journey together with us.  Pray for him and the important work that he does.

     Pray for our local bishop, Lawrence E. Brandt.  Bishop Brandt has been with us for about eight years now, and is approaching his 75th birthday this Spring, which means his letter of retirement will be submitted to Rome.  Pray for our chief shepherd in this local Church, and for the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit in the selection of his successor.

     Pray for priests everywhere, especially your local parish priests, who face challenges that are very different than the ones present when I was ordained forty years ago.


     And pray for the priests who serve in the parishes and ministries of the Diocese of Greensburg.  It is said in some corners that we are an unhappy and despondent group.  I have included the group picture from our recent Convocation in October, and as you can see from the smiles (which we were not forced to show), we are far from unhappy and discontented.  We have our concerns and worries, but the blessings of God abound and the service to the Church is one of those great blessings.  Yet, we are an aging population, and are in need of your prayerful support.

    And thank you for your loyalty to the Family of God and to her shepherds throughout the years.  We pray for you always.

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  1. Do any of our priests need more than just our prayers? I always wonder if those without family have been adopted by parishioners, especially during the holidays.