Thursday, January 30, 2014

Relighting the Lamp

     In our little town of Irwin there was/is a small local theater called The Lamp.  It has been closed now for many, many years and is in bad condition.  There was a move to restore the structure when a nearby fire set those plans on the back burner.  In its day, is was the Saturday evening place to go for an inexpensive movie and great popcorn. The push to restore the theater has taken upon itself new momentum in an effort called "Relight the Lamp".  I may even make a donation toward a new seat.

     Lighting a lamp is a scriptural reference found in today's Gospel that has nothing to do with a movie theater, but everything to do with witnessing to the Gospel of truth and bringing a light into an ever darkening world.  Last Sunday's readings spoke of the light and this Sunday, with the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas Day), we bless candles and process with the light.  Today we are reminded that we have been entrusted with the light of Christ, and that light cannot be placed under a bushel basket or hidden from view, but placed on a lamp stand so that all may see and be drawn to the light.  Do we recognize the gift of Christ that we bear?  Do we share the light of his presence in our actions and through our lives?  Are we a light to others, a light to the nations?  If yes, then shine forth.  If not, or if uncertain as to our effectiveness, then like the people of Irwin, make an effort to "relight the lamp" - only the more important lamp of our faith and love in Jesus Christ.

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