Sunday, August 10, 2014


     Yesterday the Borough of Irwin celebrated its 150th Anniversary of Incorporation as a borough in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  This anniversary celebration has included activities throughout the week which culminated on Saturday, August 9th with a parade, downtown activities and a great fireworks display.  The following is the description found on the Irwin web site about the town.

     "Incorporated in 1864, historic Irwin Borough is a one square mile town nestled in the foothills of the Laurel Mountains just 35 miles east of Pittsburgh.  Our thriving downtown offers businesses a chance to experience a small town flavor while in close proximity to Rt. 30 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  In contrast, our Route 30 frontage provides those businesses high traffic volume and easy access.  Our many activities, recreation facilities, and cultural events throughout the year provide an ideal atmosphere for over 4100 residents to live and work.  Norwin School District is consistently one of the top schools in the state, facilitated by a sense of community pride and spirit.  Stop by sometime to experience Irwin's unique charm, and find out why we invite you to
"find your place here".
     Irwin is a great little town, with lots of activities, some of which I have spoken of before (Jazz nights, concerts, shopping).  Our parish "in town" is Immaculate Conception Church which celebrated her 150th a few years ago, and our Regional Catholic School - Queen of Angels - is located within the Borough.  I offer my congratulations to the Borough of Irwin on this special occasion.
     On Friday the Church celebrated the Feast of Saint Dominic who was an outstanding preacher (he founded the Order of Preachers - the Dominicans).  I mention this here because this weekend at all three Masses we were visited by a priest of the Diocese of Daet in the Philippines to preach and make the appeal for support for his Diocese.  This is a part of the annual Mission Co-operative Appeal that each parish in our Diocese takes part in.  Our priest this weekend was Father Reuben Cammayo, and he did a fine job.  BUT, as I sat there listening to him, I realized once again how much I missed preaching.  I may not always do well, and there may be times when I wish I did not have to preach three homilies each weekend, but I realize that this is one of the joys of my priesthood.  In light of the example of Dominic, I missed preaching even more this weekend.
     I mentioned the other day that I attended the wedding of friends George and Sarah Parish in Carlisle last Saturday.  They left on Sunday for their long planed honeymoon - to Hawaii.  And this week, the island experienced an earthquake and the threat of two major storms (the first in 22 years).  George and Sarah sent some beautiful pictures home and then cut their trip short and came home mid week.  Oh well, the best laid plans.  But they are home safe and sound.

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