Monday, August 4, 2014

Two days, two plays, four major meals

     Last Wednesday through Thursday our parish hosted a bus trip to Lancaster in the Eastern part of the Commonwealth.  Forty one of us (myself included) left the parish Wednesday morning at 7:00 and did what many groups in our area do on a regular basis, visit Sight and Sound Theater for their current biblical production, currently of "Moses".  But we did many other things besides attend the play.

     Once we arrived in Lancaster we visited the Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum just outside of town for a great home cooked lunch at the 1856 Landis House Inn and a horse drawn wagon tour of the farm, the museum and with an explanation of the German Pennsylvania Mennonite and Amish traditions and customs.  We then journeyed to our hotel (our people like to do a two day trip so that it is less exhausting - it did not work), then attended the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre for a great buffet dinner and a production of the musical "Music Man".  After a good nights sleep and breakfast buffet, we departed for the Kitchen Kettle Village for some shopping before arriving at the Millennium Theater for "The Journey of Moses".  For thirty five years Sight and Sound has put on great biblical productions of exceptional quality in a huge, superb theater with music, dynamic cast and live animals.  The parting of the Red Sea was very impressive, as well as the coming of the angel of death to the first born sons, the tenth plague.  It was one of the best of their productions of the five that I have seen.  Following the play, the usual thing to do is to eat - again (we did a great deal of that) ... this time at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord, which is outstanding.  Then we left for home, arriving about 9:30 pm.

     The trip was full and enjoyable, the plays both super, and my traveling companions a wonderful group of people.  Most of those who were even older that I am had more spring in their step, and I was envious.  If you are every in Eastern Pennsylvania and have the time, check out Sight and Sound Productions in Lancaster.  It is well worth your time.

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