Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cardinal Egan remembered

     I have just heard the news that Edward Cardinal Egan, the retired Archbishop of New York, died unexpectedly this afternoon at his residence in New York City.  He was just shy of his 83rd birthday.

    A few years ago Cardinal Egan was gracious enough to visit Greensburg and lead the priests in our September retreat.  The Cardinal was relaxed and friendly, a good preacher and story teller, and he showed a genuine interest in our priests and the challenges facing this small diocese.  I believe that he enjoyed the peacefulness of our retreat setting and I can assure you that we enjoyed his company and were blessed by his spirituality.

     "We pray, almighty and merciful God, that, as you made your servant Cardinal Egan an ambassador for Christ on earth, so you may raise him, purified by the Eucharist that he so faithfully celebrated, to be seated with Christ in heaven."

     May Edward Cardinal Egan rest in peace.   Amen.

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