Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recognizing Talent

     This past Thursday and Friday I had the good fortune to attend two events that brought great enjoyment.  On Thursday I attended the Spring musical production at our regional Catholic School - Queen of Angels.  I'll use other opportunities to speak of our excellent academic program serving youngsters from PK through grade 8.  Thursday's program was entitled "GO FISH" and was directed by Diana Mikash and Brenda Osinski of the school staff. 
     The program included an intro from the Show Choir, who later did a medely of Irish tunes to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.  Following the intro were selections from three Chime Choirs ranging from Ode to Joy to Amazing Grace.  A guitar trio and a violin solo provided an instrumental interlude.  Then came the main production with the 1st and 2nd grader's musical entitled "Go Fish".  They were great.  There were all sorts of "fish" in the sea on the stage: sharks and angel fish and star fish and octopus and an electric eel and so much more.  It was a delight to be there.  We are so proud of the kids.

     On Friday evening I skipped out of Stations to attend the Senior Organ Recital of Rob Lynch, a graduating Senior at Seton Hill University in Greensburg and our Director of Music at the parish.  The recital was held at the First Presbyterian Church in Greensburg.  Selections from Bach and Brahms, Petz and Langlais among others were performed skillfully by Rob.  His folks held a reception following the recital.  I was blessed to attend, as we are blessed in having him at the parish.

     There were but two examples of the talent found among our young people in this area.  A third example is that of our Young Voices Children's Choir who sang at the 8:30 am liturgy today (but I'll reserve a posting on them in the near future).  All I can say is that I have been blessed by these talented young people, and I am most grateful to them.

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