Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tracking the forecast

     For those of us in our neck of the woods, the weather is changing.  We have basked in a wonderful "Indian Summer" these last few days.  But now the temperature is cooling, the clouds have set in, and the potential storm approaches (some aspects of hurricane Sandy may come our way).

     Yesterday's Gospel passage from Luke has Jesus telling the crowds that when they see the cloud rising in the West, they know that it will rain. Or when the wind blows from the South it is going to be warm.  They see the signs, they know the indicators, they can track the weather, yet they cannot see or interpret the signs of the times, especially when it relates to our relationship with God.  In those circumstances we act like "blind fools", who deny the signs and who stumble about refusing the help and guidance that the one greater than ourselves offers.

     Watching the weather forecasts, we see a multitude of graphs that predict the possible direction of hurricane Sandy.  The graphs look like pasta strands, going in a variety of directions.  They are not sure where it will hit or when, what the damage will be done and to whom, yet they call all of us "to be prepared".  People are "stocking up", taking precautions, making sure that they are ready.
Preparedness is a good thing ... better to be safe than sorry.

     But as Jesus pointed out, we are hypocrites if we pay attention to this potential threat and danger while ignoring the greater signs of imminent danger and threat to our moral and spiritual welfare that confront us daily.  We are like blind fools that allow ourselves to be pushed and shoved in any and every direction rather than guided by the Way the Truth and the Life, Jesus.

     May the big storms of life not materialize.  May we be spared the brunt of the storm and delivered from danger.  But if they come, may our preparations first and foremost center upon our trust and reliance upon the Lord Jesus. 

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