Monday, October 8, 2012

We are family - part 2

     On Sunday I had two experiences that continued the theme of family.  In addition to the gathering of God's people for Mass both Saturday evening and again twice on Sunday morning, I had the honor of welcoming into the Family of God two month old Noah Andrew Keteles.  Mom and Dad brought him to the worshiping community for our embrace and the grace and blessing of God.  I have said this many times, but I enjoy baptism during Mass, and enjoy observing those gathered together sharing a bond with the child and his parents.  It brings home that we are indeed family.

     Later on that afternoon, I presided at the Sunday worship service at Redstone Highlands, a Senior Residential Facility in our area.  Our time of prayer took place in their lovely chapel, and centered upon the theme "Our oneness in Christ" as we celebrated World Communion Sunday.  Often on World Communion Sunday there is a celebration of holy communion.  In our celebration of the theme of communion I stressed the call to unity in Christ that needs to be heard by a body that is still weak and broken by sinfulness, and which needs the healing power and love of God found in Christ Jesus.  We are called to be in communion ... to be "in union with" each other.  Our crowd was a little less than usual, they told me.  Even among the various denominations, there is the temptation to watch and cheer for the Steelers (football) in our rooms rather than to gather for prayer in the chapel.  But even there we did say one for the Steelers (who pulled it off in the end).  Again, diversity discovers unity in Christ, and even though divided, we are family.  A good day, and a great lesson.


 A bit of a fright ***
     On returning from dinner on Saturday evening I passed our Regional Catholic School, Queen of Angels, and glanced toward the building to see a fire truck with lights flashing in the driveway.  Sometimes the fire department uses the parking area, etc., for things.  Going a very short distance further, I saw more trucks behind the building with lights flashing.  Needless to say, there was a quick turn around as I headed to the school.  It turns our that the automatic fire alarm had been triggered, there was no fire, but they were checking the building.  I waited around awhile, spoke to my neighbor, Father John, who had come to check things out, then returned home.  It is one of those moments when your heart skips a beat as you prepare to panic.  Luckily it was just the alarm system, corrected by today.  Thank God.

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