Monday, October 8, 2012

We are family

     This past Saturday I witnessed and presided over the marriage of a young couple in our parish, Brandy Kovac and Phillip Croco.  The wedding went very well, and those sharing in the wedding ceremony seemed to enjoy not only the beauty of the couple and the beauty of the weather but also the beauty of our time of prayer.

     I spoke in the homily of my experience the evening before during the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant.  All too often the wedding is about the bride and groom exclusively. They become, not only the focus of attention, but the "be all and the end all" of the entire experience.  While Brandy and Phil provided our reason to gather, I had a strong feeling that the focus was upon family and friends, united in love and faith, to form a community of caring.  And that is what it is all about.

     At the rehearsal we had a great deal of relaxed fun.  The same continued at the rehearsal dinner, with Brandy and Phil's warm and friendly parents, their siblings and their families, and a number of good friends.  Included were a number of youngsters who were a delight, including one who shared her 2nd birthday with the group, as well as her birthday cake.  I got to sit with Greg and his younger brother Mark, their sisters and parents as we shared good food and conversation about school and such things.  As I sat watching and listening, I came to renew my appreciation of the importance of family and friends, gather in faith and fraternity, to form that community that will be the foundation upon which Brandy and Phil will build.  My prayers are with them as they embark on this journey together.

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