Friday, May 10, 2013

A powerful place

     There is a small settlement in a remote area on the island of Molokai in Hawaii that has brought to the Church two saints.  Within the last few years the Church has recognized the example of Father Damien de Veuster and Mother Marianne Cope, both having served the lepers in this neglected colony.  Father Damien was a missionary priest that came to the islands from Belgium, and Mother Marianne and her Sisters came from New York State to help Father Damien and then to continue his mission to these outcasts from society.

     Today is the feast of Saint Damien (Saint Marianne's is on January 23rd).  From this poor, humble, distressed portion of the world, in suffering and hardships beyond imagining in this beautiful paradise of Hawaii, came two Saints.  Suffering and service, rooted in Christ's love, are the operative words in this inspiring story.  Saint Damien and Saint Marianne, pray for us, and for all of the outcasts, the marginalized, the suffering, the Christ-like of society.

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