Thursday, May 9, 2013

Be confident to follow

     Today, in our part of the world, we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord.  A great portion of the world celebrates Ascension Thursday next Sunday ... I know, it is confusing.  I saw on FB a beautiful icon of the Ascension with the words:

"I am going now
to my Father ...
unless you live
in certain regions
then I'll be around
until Sunday."
     Whenever it is celebrated, this feast acknowledges two things: first, that it is time to exit the nest, time to take flight, to spread our wings and fly.  We have been given the tools, provided the example, and been encouraged to "let go".  As long as Jesus is here to provide for our every need, we take the secure and easy way out and "let him do it".  But the task of building up the Kingdom, of living our Faith in Jesus Christ, of being witnesses to the Truth has been given to us to accomplish, with his help.
     Secondly, he has gone to the Father so that we can come to the Father.  The Preface for today says:
" ... he ascended, not to distance himself from our lowly state
but that we, his members, might be confident
of following where he, our Head and Founder,
has gone before."
     On this great feast, whether celebrated today or on Sunday, may we embrace his invitation to boldly go with those who have already followed him where no one but he has gone before.   May we open ourselves more fully to the grace of the Advocate and await the Feast of our birth, Pentecost.

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