Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trinity Sunday

    Called the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, this weekend's Trinity Sunday invites us to reflect upon the mystery of God.   I shared this evening that everything about us as men and women of Faith is summed up in our understanding that through the waters of baptism we are called into the mystery of the Divine.  We are invited to be one with God, to know, love and serve the One who is life giver and Father of us all.  We do that through immersion into the One that He gave us as Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The God-man is acknowledged by God as His Son, and we are told that they are One.  This happens through the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, their love made manifest in our lives.  And yet these Three, unique persons with distinct roles, are One.  God is life giver, restorer of life, and sustainer of life.  God is creator, redeemer and sanctifier.  And yet God is One, and we are one with him.

     At Mass tonight we celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of two of our parishioners - Ray and Barb Jackson.  They were married fifty years ago today at Saint Mary Polish Church in McKeesport in the Pittsburgh Diocese.  Saint Mary is now closed and many of the McKeesport parishes have been merged.  Yet it was there in 1963 that these two became one.  Our scriptures tell us of this mystery: that where once there were two, now they are one flesh in the Lord.  That oneness grew with family and friends to support and increase their numbers, but they are one family, united in love and united in God.  They are a reflection of this mystery of one reality with many parts, many aspects of the same reality united in love and bringing forth life.

     There is no adequate way to give voice to who God is, except by example.  Patrick used a shamrock to describe the mystery.  And yet, the reality is that God has united himself to us and invited us to feed at his table.  For that we definitely give thanks.


     Tomorrow (Sunday) I am off on a trek to Saint Paul Church in Erie, Pennsylvania, to celebrate with my classmate, Father Alex Amico, his 40th anniversary of ordination.  Alex was deacon at my Mass of Thanksgiving following ordination and I was in attendance at his ordination in Erie and his Mass of Thanksgiving in Sharon, PA forty years ago.

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