Thursday, May 30, 2013


     It was sixty six years ago today (May 30th) that Frances Louise Lenard Stoviak gave birth to a healthy baby boy, the first child of Bill and Frances.  They struggled to find a name for him.  He was the first grandchild in her family, and with four sisters voicing their suggestions, my folks settled on Leonard Stoviak - named after both families (with an "o" added to the first name).  Thus began the journey of my life in this world.

     Mom never really spoke of her delivery.  I hope that I did not give her much pain during birth as I tried to not give her much pain afterwards (sometimes succeeding but at other times not so successful).

     I want to honor her and dad today for the gift life and for the wonderful nurturing that they provided to my sister Janie and myself.  Their love and support, their care and concern, and their unqualified acceptance of us as gifts from God allowed me to grow in faith and to be blessed with priesthood.  I try to share what they gave me with those entrusted to my care.  Love you, mom and dad.  Thanks for life.

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