Thursday, September 19, 2013

A first for me

     I debated all day sharing one more thing in regard to yesterday's post.  But the reaction to my email to the web "master" of the site that I referenced yesterday publicly responded on his site last evening with "An alert".

     Without posting my email (found in the second section of yesterday's post on Journey Thoughts) he said this:

" After starting the dialogue below a few days ago, Father Stoviak has decided not to respond anymore after his point of view was challenged by our readers.  We offered Father Stoviak the opportunity to continue the dialogue unedited with our readers, but he refused us.  Father stated that he will not engage in a dialogue with you the readers of this site.  He told us that he never intended to have a dialogue.
Our message to Father Stoviak is this. Finish what you started! Our readers have made some valid points below and disproved many of your accusations and statements.  Yet after being faced with valid arguments from our readers, Father Stoviak walked away and didn't want to dialogue.  He wanted to make his point and then be left alone.  In journalism we call that a hit and run statement.  Its when you state something inflammatory and then run away when others challenge you.  We see this as both disrespectful to our readers and intellectually dishonest.  Due to this behavior by Father Stoviak, we are no longer going to allow him to comment on this site.  Which is too bad because Father Stoviak did make some sense, and future emails would have been posted.  This type of behavior may be the norm for our Diocesan leaders, but it doesn't fly here upon this website."
     I have been BANISHED!  I've never had that happen before. 
It says a great deal about the one who created a site that is open to all comments, unless you happen to not want to further the agenda.  Then you are censored, cut off, a "persona non grata".  And by one who ignored the invitation to reveal himself by giving his name.  I would think that this is not journalism at its best.  But enough.


More Importantly ...

     I presided at a funeral service this morning for a parishioner.  The Friday before last I presided at the funeral of another parishioner.  Both died in their 50's, much too young.  One was after a long illness, the other a short period of struggle.  Tomorrow will be another service for a parishioner in her 80's.  All three services were without Mass, at the request of the families for their own reasons.  This, it seems, is becoming more common (and a concern for my brother priests - since the Mass is the summit of our worship)

     All three women left family - husband and children and grandchildren and siblings - as well as a lifetime of friends.  May the Lord welcome them into his embrace, and may those who mourn find comfort and peace in Christ Jesus.  Requiescat in pace.

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