Monday, September 9, 2013


     I did something yesterday that could threaten a reputation that I have spent years fostering.  There are many aspects to my reputation that remain intact.  However, my hard earned reputation of doing things at the last minute and just being on time suffered a blow yesterday when I announced that in our parish we celebrated Catechetical Sunday on September 7th at the 4:00 pm Mass.  Catechetical Sunday in the United States and our Diocese is NEXT Sunday, September 15th!  I was a week early ... ahead of time ... and wrong!  What a blow to my "just in time, never early" reputation.

     To those that may have read the post and thought that they had missed this important day, my apologies.  Celebrate well on the real Catechetical Sunday.


I am on retreat this week, so the posts may be a little more 
sporadic.  Pray for the priests on retreat from our Diocese.

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