Monday, September 30, 2013

The fount of life

     In the Collect prayer for this feast of Saint Jerome, priest and Doctor of the Church, the Church recognizes that the Lord gave Jerome "a living and tender love for Sacred Scripture...".  Jerome's passion for the "story" of the People of God, the revelation of truth and the development of the relationship between humanity and her Creator, the positing of the assurances from the past, the confidence in the present moment, and the hope for the future, and the life that it brings, prompted him to bring that message home in the most understandable of ways and in language that is clear.  He translated the Scriptures from the scholarly and original languages of the learned to the "vulgar" language of the people - Latin.  In fact, his translation was referred to as the Vulgate version. 

     Even though more recent translations are far more accurate, going back to the original languages with the benefit of centuries of study of scripture, language, culture and religion, give Jerome credit for seeing the need for all of us to have access to the Scriptures as well as to a clear understanding of the texts and interpretation.  The Church has been entrusted with the "passing on" of this great gift, and must make sure that all of us may find in the Scriptures (as the Collect prayer continues) "the fount of life".

     If you do not have a good translation of the Scriptures, invest in one.  If you do not read a portion daily, begin to do so.  Seek solid teachings on Scriptural interpretation.  Know the word and you will know "the" Word.  And thank God for the inspiration of Jerome.

     My friend, Mike Ripple in his blog Praylium today speaks of "Reform and Humility".  His words at the end bear repeating.
"He (Christ) founded a Church that was to be led by humble and holy priests and people.
If we truly want reform then humility must prevail:
fast with humility (no one needs to know you're fasting)
pray with humility
humbly seek reconciliation
on your knees receive Eucharist
in the quiet of your heart read Holy Scripture
and humbly walk with your God."
Good words to reflect upon in this time of ever present challenge.

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