Friday, September 6, 2013

Quite a discussion

     It has been interesting watching the level of discussion in the United States and the world community regarding a military intervention in the tragic situation in Syria.  It has almost hit a frenzied moment.  It seems that everyone has an opinion and a great many people are not in favor of a U.S. action.  It is obvious that the world community needs to condemn the use of chemical weapons as well as genocide in that particular conflict as well as wherever it is found around the globe.  Civilized society, not only the United States, needs to call those to task who engage in such actions.

     But what I am fascinated by is the sudden level of these discussions now, since we have been engaged in war on two fronts for a longer period of time than ever before in our nation's history. There has been very little concern or protest or call for an end to those conflicts that have very little discernible positive results.  The cost to this nation in staggering, especially in those who have died or who face daily struggles from their wounds and experiences.  And yet, life goes on as usual.  We set withdrawal deadlines that are years in the making and will not involve the withdrawal of all of our troops.  While there are some situations that bring about positive results, there is no clear sense of victory (or defeat).  Where is that discussion?  Maybe we are afraid to speak out for fear that some may insinuate that to do so would dishonor our troops?  It is not the troops, but rather our complacent leadership that brings shadow to our glorious image.  Another day, another conflict, another year, another group of countless lost and injured lives, and countless billions in a debt ridden economy continue as if this is "normal".  I believe that we have lost our way.

     It is unusual for me to use this forum to speak out politically, so forgive me.

     Pope Francis is calling upon all men and women of good will to pray and fast tomorrow, September 7th, the eve of the feast of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace.  I encourage you to join in this special time of appealing to heaven with our prayers.

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