Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another day to cherish

Having just returned from the Blessing Service for the brother of a parishioner, Robert John Mrvos, who had served in the Marines, I was reminded of another funeral of a veteran of World War II, my dad. It was ten years ago today that we buried my dad. It was a grand funeral for a man whose life was dedicated to family and the service of others - first in the army on D Day and then as a patrolman on the Uniontown police department until his retirement. In addition,he was a great guy who was well liked by most, and was remembered by an entire generation of kids that knew him as the liaison to the school safety program (the patrol boys). What I remember most about that day is the awesome honor of presiding over and preaching a parents funeral. So many said that they did not know how I did it, but in reality I would not have wanted anyone else to do so. Ten years seems like a lifetime, and yet like yesterday. Janie and I remembered him in prayer at Mass this morning. May he rest in peace. He always has our love.

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