Friday, May 25, 2012

The working of the Holy Spirit

     What follows is a summation of a prayer to the Holy Spirit composed by Pope Benedict XVI as found in a recent post of Rocco Palmo in "Whispers in the Loggia".

     The Spirit of God is one with the Father and the Son.  God's Spirit breathed upon the waters of the abyss, upon the chaos before creation, upon the darkness and emptiness of an existence without God, and brought light and order and life.

     We must seek that same Spirit in our day, in our lives, to help us understand that the exclusion of God leads us to lose ourselves in the empty void that the world offers.  It is only with faith in God that freedom and dignity flourish and society can be built up in justice.  We tend to forget that fact, or we avoid that truth.

     It is the Spirit that makes the Church one, that unites us through our baptism into an experience of family, of communion.  It is that unity that makes us a sign of the living Risen Christ to the world, called to service in love.

     It is that Spirit that enables us to be coworkers in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and being evangelizers in a fragile world.  As we await Pentecost, let us truly pray:


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