Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Church!

     This was a great weekend!  As we celebrate Pentecost we celebrate what is known as the "Birthday of the Church".  It was that moment when all of the nurturing, all of the development of the followers of Jesus, all of the labor pains of his death and burial, his resurrection and the strengthening of them, his departure and their prayerful anticipation of the promised Paraclete gave way to birth.  The life contained within was now released.  And the baby came forth shouting for joy, proclaiming Jesus Christ, leaving behind fear and timidity and boldly going forth into the world.  The Church was born.

     The Preface for Pentecost says

" ... This same Spirit, as the Church came to birth,
opened to all peoples the knowledge of God
and brought together the many languages of the earth
in profession of the one faith."

     Since it was the "Birthday of the Church", and the pastor's this Wednesday (tomorrow), we had birthday cake and coffee following each of the Masses.  Most went on their way (you can't ask them to stay too long), but those who came to the hall for cake enjoyed themselves.  Our Christian Mothers were our hosts for these three gatherings.

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