Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A most important birthday greeting

      Last evening I slipped in a birthday greeting for a friend of mine before his day ended.  Which reminded me that there was another important birthday in my life recently that I did not comment on - that of my sister, Janie.

     I am blessed with a wonderful sister who is also a good friend.  Three years my junior, she and I always got along as siblings, and since my ordination thirty-nine years ago (on her birthday -  May 5th) we have become very close friends as well.  She is a great girl (?) woman: dedicated to our folks throughout their lives and especially in their last days; committed to me and the people I served throughout the years; loyal to her friends and co-workers; a hard worker who takes pride in her work - and she is good at it (working in retail is not easy); personable; faith filled; tireless; and a great mommy to Sammy (the puppy).  The description of who she is and what she does could go on and on ... but from me it might be a bit biased.

     We celebrated her birthday here in North Huntingdon.  I took her to dinner at Rizzo's in Crabtree, she joined us at Mass on Sunday at the 11 am, she took pictures of the Bike Blessing and we went to eat at her favorite Italian place locally.  She is a true blessing for me.  I told the parishioners here that when they got me they got a package deal - their pastor, Janie and Sammy.  They have made us all feel welcome, and I am grateful.

     A belated Happy Birthday, Janie!

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