Thursday, March 21, 2013

A thirst for the absolute

      Pope Francis' words and actions keep resonating with me.  Yesterday he met with representatives of the various Christian Churches, Jewish and Islamic leaders and other world religions.  He spoke of our need to continue dialogue in order that the transcendent can be introduced into the profane in our world today.

     One line in particular stood out for me.  He said that in addition to all of the good that we can and must do for others, we must: "But above all, we must keep alive in our world the thirst for the absolute, and must not allow the vision of the human person with a single dimension to prevail, according to which man is reduced to what he produces and to what he consumes: this is one of the most dangerous threats of our times." 

     Wow!  What powerful insight and clarity of expression.  In a world that promotes and is immersed into the self, lifting ourselves as the be all and end all of what is important, making our needs and our accomplishments the paramount foundation upon which we build, the task of all people of faith is to debunk that lie and to show another way - the transcendent, the other worldly, the divine - the Absolute which is God, and make us thirsty for Him.  How truly counter cultural and immensely challenging.  There is much to reflect on and to pray about in those words.  Thank you, Holy Father.

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