Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It has begun

     The Conclave is under way.  I watched from the start in the Pauline Chapel through the procession to the Sistine Chapel, from the oath taking with hand on the Scriptures to the "extra omnes" and dramatic closing of the doors.  I watched on EWTN and enjoyed the commentary, especially the identification of each Cardinal.  I was very impressed with the live coverage that the Vatican provided.  It is history, after all ... and it is great to be able to watch that history being made.

    Now we continue to pray.  I saw my candidates, those whom I am impressed with, and wish them well.  Even though I have always stated the common wisdom that an American would never be elected, I can see that as a remote possibility this time.  Whoever it is, I pray that we have a good and holy man, a man of spiritual depth and a man that can inspire God's People to be evangelized and then to go out and evangelize. 

     And now we wait for the smoke, and especially the news that white smoke will signal.

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