Monday, March 4, 2013

An Local Anniversary

     Today, March 4th, marks a milestone for the Diocese of Greensburg.  On this date in 2004, Monsignor Lawrence E. Brandt of the Diocese of Erie was ordained and installed as the fourth bishop of the Greensburg Diocese.  It was a great day for the people of this Diocese as we moved into a new chapter of our story.  The festivities at the Cathedral and at the then Sheraton in Greensburg were wonderful.

     I have a humorous remembrance of the liturgy that comes to mind.  At the time, I was serving as a Consultor to Bishop Bosco and the Diocese.  The Consultors are a group of priest advisers that during the transition period between bishops, remains in office. One really good thing about the job is that we had excellent seats at the ordination.  One of the important moments in the Episcopal Ordination involves the reading of the papal letter of appointment, and then the showing of the document to the Consultors for verification.  Usually this document arrives from Rome and is done beautifully in parchment and signed by the Holy Father.  In this case, the official document arrived at a later time, and we had a typed copy in plastic sheets in a white binder.  Even this was shown to us with such speed that I almost missed my moment in the spotlight.  Boy, was I disappointed.  However, the appointment was real, the celebration a success, and the legacy of leadership continued in the Diocese of Greensburg.

    We wish Bishop Brandt well on this anniversary as he continues to be our shepherd and guide.

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