Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An important announcement

Stay tuned for an important announcement.
Check in at 6 or 11 for an important bulletin.
     We see this kind of thing on TV often.  They tell of an impending announcement and then they make us wait to hear the news.  Sometimes the news is good, often times it announces a tragedy or crisis somewhere on this globe.
     God's people have heard these phrases since Adam and Eve chose to desire to be gods.  It echoed again when Cain killed his brother Abel in jealousy.  Waiting for the waters to subside, Noah and his family knew that the announcement was not to be in their day.  Time and time again over the ages the word went out - stay tuned for an important announcement.  It is sort of like waiting to see if the smoke from the Sistine Chapel roof is white.  There is expectancy in hearts because there is both need and hope in our lives, but humanity waited.
     Then the moment happened.  An angel appeared to a young girl named Mary and made the announcement that opened the door to transforming love.  And when that girl, Mary, said YES, when the Holy Spirit overshadowed her, the unbelievable happened - God's love gifted us with his Son, one like us in all things but sin, that we might relinquish sin and death and be redeemed.  Salvation came into the world, and our destiny has forever been altered.
    This is that day, the feast of the Annunciation.  Breaking news flash - God has visited his people, and they will never be the same.  A child will be carried to term and will be born to this woman in nine months.  The mighty and the lowly, all of creation will do him homage.  He will live a short life, teach and heal and establish a Kingdom and most importantly love, and give the ultimate gift of love, his life for others.  Through his death and resurrection and in that empty tomb of Easter morning the world will never be the same.  One of the teachers at school today said that a student of hers asked which day is more important? Christmas or Easter? Of the two, Easter of course.  But this day of "the announcement" is no slacker, either.  This "breaking news" does not grow old nor lose its impact.
The WORD was made flesh,
and dwelt among us!

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