Sunday, March 2, 2014

Random thoughts

     Here we are on Oscar Night, and I took a break from watching the red carpet arrivals, mainly because with the screaming fans the actors cannot hear the interviewer's questions and I had trouble hearing the answers that were given.  The questions are always so in depth, anyway.  I used to be a movie buff who saw many films, but I have seen only a few of the films nominated this year.  I have no favorites but am waiting to be surprised.

     Speaking of movies, I loved the promo for the new film "Son of God" that opened on Friday.  The promo goes something like "Newsweek declares 'Son of God' awesome!"  I know that Newsweek was speaking of the film, but we all know the greater truth - that the Son of God IS awesome.  If only the world would catch on to that truth and the headlines of the world would acknowledge the awesomeness of the Lord.  Maybe in time.  By the way, I read that "Son of God" came in 2nd place over the weekend, following the thriller "Non-stop", garnering $26.5 million at the box office.  A young man in his early twenties who is in our music ministry said that he saw the movie and really thought that it was good.  Maybe this week for me.

      Our winter weather came - not as bad as what they had forecast, yet, but not good.  Our numbers this morning at Mass were sparse, especially at the 11:00 am which is gaining a reputation - this was the third out of the last four weeks with a wintry mix taking place during the Mass.  Thank God we had a baptism during Mass which bolstered our numbers - a young man of a few weeks by the name of Easton Carl Varrati.  He was adorable.

     Because of the snow I was unable to attend a reception held today to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Episcopal ordination of our bishop, Lawrence E. Brandt.  May 4th is the actual day.  Our roads had not had much done to them, so I chickened out.  I offer my congratulations and gratitude to Bishop Brandt, who celebrates his birthday (an important one, too) later this month.

     Well, back to the Oscars and a warm evening in front of the TV.

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