Tuesday, March 4, 2014

With love

     This morning I remembered my Mom, Frances Louise Lenard Stoviak, in a special way at Mass as my sister, Janie and I recall the anniversary of her death.  It was nine years ago last evening that she died peacefully at home after a brief illness.  Mom was eighty-six at the time of her death.

     After Dad's death three years earlier, Mom had become more frail, and when she developed pneumonia it became too much for her.  After a brief period in the hospital, we brought her home where she was most comfortable and Janie took great care of her.  I spent most of the evening with Mom on the 3rd of March, and had just returned to the rectory when the call came of her passing.  Mom had lived a good and full life, much loved by those most important to her, and was a great source of love and support for the rest of us.  Her wake and funeral Mass were a tribute to the person that she is.  We love her deeply and miss her dearly.

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