Saturday, March 8, 2014

Endless thanks

     The liturgical prayers for the season of Lent include an optional Prayer over the People following the Prayer after Communion.  These prayers often "sum up" the thought or intention of the daily prayers of the Church.  On occasion I will use this prayer as a jumping off point for meditation.

     The Prayer over the People yesterday says
For your mighty deeds, O God of mercy,
may your people offer endless thanks,
and, by observing the age-old disciplines
along their pilgrim journey,
may they merit to come and behold you forever.
Through Christ our Lord.
     We are a people of endless gratitude, for we are a people who acknowledge our failure and our need, and the all encompassing the love and mercy of God.  My journey through this great season of grace which began on Wednesday started off with uncertainty.  I am ready for Lent, but with many factors coming into play I found myself "put off" and a bit irritated (at what or at whom, I am not sure).  The day held blessings, but it also held feelings that were not conducive to spiritual growth.  Thursday was much better, but yesterday went downhill fast.  I could look into reasons for all of this and I am sure find some legitimate ones that explain the rocky start.  But the simplest answer is twofold: first the presence of a darkness that delights in keeping us from where we should be in our walk with the Lord; and second (and so that I do not fall into "the devil made me do it" theme) maybe because I was a little less into gratitude to God and a little more into "the me" of the moment."  It was a rocky start, an unsure first step.
     As the Prayer says, for all of the mighty deeds of God and the never ending mercy that flows from him, I/we need to offer "endless thanks".  It is then that we can observe the age-old disciplines of the journey that keep us on an even keel.  I will try, with the Lord's help, to pick up the pieces and continue the journey with gratitude and joy in my heart.  Pray for me. 

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