Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weary souls

     I am astounded at how many people that I know say that they are worn out and tired - hopefully not tired of life, but definitely tired of winter and weather, tired of the same old thing, tired of one crisis after the other, tired of not feeling well or up to par.  With that tiredness comes the doldrums, a listless spirit.  Spring cannot come soon enough, change cannot come soon enough, relief cannot come soon enough.

     Now we find ourselves in Lent, a time of stripping away the pleasures and of intensifying our lives, both physically and spiritually.  Lent is a time of healing that first leads through death.  Lent leads us to the new life of spring but only through the desert experience of sacrifice and emptying.  Lent is not what people want, emotionally ... yet it is just what we need, spiritually.

     The Prayer Over the People for this Tuesday of the Second week of Lent speaks of the need of weary souls:

" Graciously hear the cries of your faithful, O Lord,
and relieve the weariness of their souls,
that, having received your forgiveness,
they may ever rejoice in your blessing.
Through Christ our Lord."

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