Thursday, April 12, 2012

Death and taxes

     I think most of us have heard the quote attributed to Ben Franklin that goes "The only thing certain in life are death and taxes."  Well, today I confronted both ... in a way.

     First the death aspect.  As you know, in this ministry we deal often with those who are dying, those who have died, and those who mourn their loss.  Funerals are an important part of our lives as priests.  This morning, before providing the committal service for Frances Przydzial, the aunt of a parishioner who had died in Florida, I concelebrated the funeral liturgy with Father Rick Kosisko, my predecessor, for a lovely lady and parishioner, Rosemary Uhme.  Rosemary was 91 years young, the mother of  eight children of which seven survive her, fifteen grandchildren of which fourteen survive her, and thirteen great grandchildren.  A World War II veteran, she loved her family and her faith.

     Rick used the Emmaus Gospel account to remind us that we come to know him best in the breaking of the bread.  It is the gathering of family around the table in the breaking of bread that we become most what we are meant to be.  It was a good word of comfort and inspiration.

     As any who know me can testify, I am a great procrastinator, which leads me to the second part of Franklin's assurance of what we can be certain of - taxes.  Today was tax day for me.  Actually with filing not until the 17th, I'm early.  I shocked my tax preparer.
I feel like a great weight  has been lifted off my back.  My taxes are not complicated, but I do procrastinate.  I'm glad it is done.  I had a nice relaxing dinner this evening to celebrate.

     So as Ben was known to have suggested, death and taxes became a certainty in my life today.

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