Tuesday, April 17, 2012


     In a world of extreme negativity (especially in this election year), when all are expert critics and purveyors of their own agendas, we need to accentuate the positive.  Today's readings introduce us to Barnabas (not from "Dark Shadows" but from the gospels).  We are reminded that his name, translated, means "son of encouragement".

     How vitally important is it for each of us to see ourselves as a Barnabas ... as a child of encouragement.  We need to see Christ in each person, be Christ to each person, and reflect the love of Christ in our thoughts, words and deeds.  Sometimes that is easy, while at other times it is most difficult.  I have found that the kind word, the support of presence, the simple thank you or expression of a job well done makes a world of difference.  Am I always successful and encouraging?  Truthfully, no.  But I try.  As should we all.

     Be a BARNABAS ... be a CHILD OF ENCOURAGEMENT ... bring CHRIST to others.

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