Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm back

     It is not that I went anywhere ... it's just that I got a little lazy with my postings.  Forgive me.

     This evening a number of us gathered for our monthly hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.  Bishop Sheen spoke often of spending an hour before the Blessed Sacrament daily, as was his practice.  I admit that I do not do so on a regular basis, but I find these evenings quietly refreshing.

     This past Saturday I took the day off.  Actually I concelebrated and attended the wedding of Gina Cieslewicz and Kenneth Carl at Saint Mary of the Mount in Pittsburgh.  Gina is the daughter of Roseann (who is our financial secretary) and Jeff Cieslewicz ( a cousin of mine), both great people and good parishioners.  Ken was received into the Church the previous Saturday at the Easter Vigil at Saint Mary of the Mount.  It was an exceptional week for him and Gina.

     The wedding was beautiful.  Saint Mary's sits atop Mount Washington on Grandview Avenue.  The street got its name from the spectacular view of the city of Pittsburgh that it affords.  Saint Mary's shares that view.  The pastor, Father Michael Stumph, a young priest of the Pittsburgh Diocese, witnessed the wedding, and I, along with the uncle of the bride, Father Vince Cieslewicz, concelebrated.  Father Vince preached an excellent homily, and Father Mike extended warm hospitality and made everyone feel at ease. The setting was beautiful, the liturgy joyful, the music awesome, and the love between Gina and Ken very obvious.  I was blessed to be there.  The reception was at the Wendel Inn at Saint Wendelin Church in Carrick.

     I am grateful once again to one of our retired priests - Father James Bump - for covering my evening Mass.  He is known and loved by so many in this parish.

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