Monday, April 9, 2012

What a weekend!

     This was the week that was!  The culmination of the week that we call HOLY is the summation of our life of faith.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the Church chooses to not take part.  But for those who do, blessings abound.

     I mentioned to those gathered for the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Thursday that it was as it was meant to be, an intimate gathering of family around God's table to share fellowship, prayer, a meal and certainty in the midst of uncertainty.  We only had about 200 at that Mass, but I saw the faces of those who are always there, those who are friends, those who are family.  Our expression of service to each other always touches my heart.

     The Service of the Lord's Passion was not always a favorite of mine (three parts, things to remember, getting it all in, watching the time) until a few years ago when I let go and entered into the experience with a prayerful and unhurried attitude.  Beginning in silence, listening attentively to the Scriptures and the Passion of John, praying for the Church and the World ... venerating the Cross of Christ with personal and corporate piety is a humbling experience ... and then being nourished with His Body and Blood in Eucharist before leaving in silence.  Powerful.  Again, not an overwhelming crowd, but those who wanted to be there (remember the days when things closed and the three sacred hours of Noon until three were set apart?)

     Here we have the experience of Tenebrae celebrated on Good Friday evening, this year at 8:30 pm.  Always a moving experience.  We did have a few gentle persons who wanted Stations (one rather than the service in the afternoon and another rather than Tenebrae), but the Church's liturgies are tremendous in themselves. 

     There is so much more to say, but lest this post become too long, I'll sign off and continue the story soon. 

     I noticed that we have surpassed the 14,000 pageview mark in just under thirteen months.  To all who have checked Journey Thoughts out and to those who are loyal to these musings, my gratitude and thanks.

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