Monday, April 23, 2012

What a day

     When asked by our music people if I wanted to attend a day sponsored by our Diocese with Steve Angrisano scheduled for today at one of our parishes, I said reluctantly said yes.  I wasn't sure who this composer/performer was until they told me some of his music.  As the day approached, I was having second thoughts - it was a busy weekend with First Communion and the other Masses and then they were calling for a snowfall of several inches today (luckily it missed us ... rain only).  I was so tempted to find an excuse.  But God is good!

     I attended the day at Saint John the Baptist de la Salle parish in Delmont which was intended for youth ministers in particular.  It was just what I needed.  It was uplifting, informative, spiritually challenging and great fun.  Steve is from Denver (I believe) and has served as a musician, a composer and a youth minister.  He has been featured at not only the Pro-Life March Youth Rallies, but also NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference) and at seven World Youth Day Gatherings.  He gave an inspirational talk, rooted in his personal testimony and experience but centered upon the Lord and his work.  His talk was interspersed with music and charm.  I think those present were, like me, deeply moved and uplifted.  I would love to get him to the parish for a retreat.

     Steve is published in Spirit and Song, a division of Oregon Catholic Press (OCP).  To hear him, or find out more about him, his web site is

      Steve had led our Diocesan Youth Gathering this past weekend, thus his presence in our Diocese.  We were blest ... I was blest!  Boy, am I glad that I went!

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