Friday, April 27, 2012

One Step Forward ... two steps back

     That describes the last two days in my life, somewhat confused, clearly frustrated and making no headway.  Most of my challenges where computer and phone generated.  Despite this blog, I am a novice at the computer, and seem to be knowledgeable only when things are operating well.  These past  two days were a true challenge.  My printer at the office read "paper jam" with absolutely no discernible piece of paper to be found in the machine.  Rebooting did not help.  Of course, when you are printerless you find a multitude of things that need printed.
     I had an overlapping credit card bill/payment problem that the automated phone program made doubly difficult - having punched all the numbers and answered all the questions, I was "disconnected" - twice.  Problem resolved today.
     The desk, which at the best of times is a mess, was looking better until a thousand and one things needed dealing with all at once.  It is a mess, again.

     But yesterday I went to a mindless movie in the afternoon (The Three Stooges - remember them) and then to a delightful card party at church that our Christian Mothers Organization sponsored.  They had a banner crowd, and it was nice socializing with the ladies (and one gent) in attendance and eating some delicious jellos and desserts.  That pulled yesterday out of the fire.  And today has been tolerable.  It is Friday, after all.  And tomorrow I'm hitting the road ... making a journey ... going on pilgrimage.  More on that later.

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