Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holding back good news

     This afternoon a nice couple came forward to claim their portion of the recent Mega Jackpot - somewhere over $211 million.  That jackpot went off a while ago and they sat on the good news until they were ready to announce and deal with the onslaught.  The gentleman said that when he checked the numbers, saw that they had won, and told his wife, all she could do was giggle.  What a wonderful thing for what seem to be very ordinary people.  But they kept it quiet!

     In discussing bishops this evening, someone asked me if I ever thought that I would be a bishop.  God forbid!  One of the biggest problems with the prospect is that between your phone call from the Nuncio and the public announcement, you can't tell anyone!  I'd never make it, and the Vatican, I'm sure, knows that.  Good news cannot be kept quiet.

     Our reading today from the Acts of the Apostles confirms the simple fact that Good News cannot be kept quiet.  Even when thrown into prison for preaching the Good News, and angel sets the Apostles free and tells them to go and "tell the people everything about this life."  There is no chaining the news of a life that is eternal, of an empty tomb, of a risen savior.  It is a life changing event that even when not spoken of is testified to by a life of Faith.

     We may be hesitant to announce the news of our winnings, or be restricted in announcing an appointment, but there is no room for NOT shouting from the house tops the Good News of Jesus Christ, risen from the dead.   Alleluia!


     A request for prayer ... a loyal reader of this blog fell and fractured her hip today.  She will have surgery on Thursday, and needs our prayers.  I assure her of mine, and I ask for yours.  Her name is Diane.

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