Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An ecumenical visit

     This past Sunday I had the honor of leading worship at Redstone Highlands, a local Senior residence community sponsored by the United Methodist Church.  Dr. Richard Morgan, a resident, coordinates the weekly time of worship for the residents who cannot make it to church.  They have a beautiful chapel on campus where we gathered at 2:30 for prayer.

     Of course this past Sunday was Palm Sunday, so we distributed palm to those in attendance.  I began with our opening liturgy for Palm Sunday - the introduction, the prayer of blessing, the reading of the Gospel of Mark - and then I shared a reflection on the triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

     I then shared with those present the Via Crucis, the Way of the Cross.  Very few had ever experienced this beautiful devotional walk of the passion, and they expressed their gratitude for the experience.  I shared another reflection on the power of the sacrifice that Jesus endured on our behalf.

     After two morning liturgies that were extra long with the Procession and the Passion, and with a Penance Service later that evening, I was almost regretting saying yes to the invitation.  But, as always, the Lord is good and I was truly blessed.  I thank the good people of Redstone Highlands for their welcome and their love.

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