Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm back

     The last few days have been busy and draining, and I have not found time to post.  But that does not mean they were days not worthy of sharing.  I'll try to fill you in.

     I just got home from Regional Penance Service number three at Saint Agnes Parish in North Huntingdon.  After a great dinner (our tradition) seven priests (the four locals and three monks from Saint Vincent Archabbey) gathered in church for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  There was a brief service at 7:00 pm and then we heard confessions steadily until about 8:45.  As always, all ages, all sizes, all manner of sin confessed and wonderful grace received.  Exhausting as these Penance Services can be, I find them powerfully moving.  I always come away blessed, and tonight was no exception.

     The rest of the day was relatively quiet after morning Mass.  I was grateful for that because for some reason my lower back has been "out" since Saturday, making standing or sitting or any movement a challenge.  The extra rest was good.

     My Sunday was full and interesting.  I'll share a bit about yesterday tomorrow.  But now I'm late for "Dancing With the Stars".

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