Sunday, March 11, 2012

1 year later

     One year ago today, March 11th, 2011, I posted the following as my first post of this blog:


     As Lent begins, so does my entry into the world of blogging.  It has been my desire to share my thoughts through this medium for awhile now.  Finally, on this first Friday of Lent, a good friend and fellow blogger, Michael Ripple, got me set up.  I am grateful.  He and his son Isaac are visiting.

     I hope to share my thoughts on a variety of experiences and issues that touch my life.  I have always referred to our sojourn as a follower of Christ as a journey, truly a journey of a lifetime.  The Good News that speaks of God's blessing is too important to be kept quiet.  I will endeavor to share my blessings with you.  I hope that you find my posts challenging and inspiring.

     That began the journey.  One year later, 333 posts later, 12,790 page views later, I find great blessing in this ministry.  It is not my first endeavor in the field of communication.  I had a small, fifteen minute radio program on WMBS in Uniontown for over ten years, beginning in the late '80's.  It was entitled "That You May Believe" and was initiated by the late Father Andrew Charnoki before I took it on, and is now presented by Father Joseph Sredzinski.  I had a loyal listening audience, and was told by my good friends that I had the face for radio!  I appeared at least once on our retired Bishop Anthony Bosco's TV program which was produced by the Diocese, and even applied for the anchor position of "Real to Reel".  I served on a committee that looked into revamping the Diocesan Web Site, and I am part of a team who share reflections on the Sunday Scriptures on that web site.  But this is my love at this point in my priesthood.

     I deeply thank all who have viewed Journey Thoughts and all who have been supportive.  I will endeavor to fulfill the stated mission of sharing my blessings with you.  My priesthood finds its joy in you and the people that I serve.  It finds its strength in the support of my brother priests and in the Church we serve.  It finds its life and purpose in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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