Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Temporarily away

     At Noon today I celebrated the funeral Mass for one of our parishioners and frequent daily Mass goers - Alfred Volovic.  Al was a unique character: strong in Faith, not shy of stating his opinion on matters large and small, an avid bicycle rider until just a few years ago, and extremely ill in his later days.

     I reminded his family that the Scriptures tell us that God has a place prepared for us in heaven.  When it is time, the Lord himself will come and take us home.  This life is transitory, no matter how many or how few the years are that we have here.  When he comes, he will take us to himself, to the place prepared specifically for us.  In fact, he says that we know the way to where he (and we) are going - HE is the way, and the truth and the life.

     Just yesterday we received in the mail Al's packet of Church envelopes returned by the Postal Service.  On the envelopes was a note "Temporarily away" ... and unusual phrasing.  I laughed, because Al has been "temporarily away" from his true home for eighty plus years.  The Postal Service got it right ... but we might add, "Now at home".  Rest in peace, Al.

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