Monday, March 19, 2012

New beginnings

     I apologize for not getting to a second post yesterday as promised.

     Before I begin, I beg the forgiveness and understanding of any liturgical purists out there.  Yesterday, even though it was Lent, I welcomed three little ones into the family of God through the Sacrament of Baptism following our 11:00 am liturgy.   It was a great celebration.

     Our newest members are McKenna Elizabeth Minkel, daughter of Brian & Julia ... Hailey Ann Reyer, daughter of Scott & Kathleen ... and Logan Christopher Sage, son of Chris & Brenda.
We had a wonderful group of family and friends attending the baptisms.

     I told the folks that Logan gets the recognition for being pleasant and attentive throughout the whole ceremony.  McKenna was restless until we poured the water, then she went peacefully to sleep.  And Hailey was sleeping beautifully until we poured water, when she woke and smiled unceasingly.

     I joined Hailey's party, for they were the first to invite, and with whom I happen to have ties from here and my Scottdale days.  I enjoyed swapping old and new stories with her grandpap, Chuck, at table.  It made for a pleasant afternoon.


     This past Saturday was Saint Patrick's Day, as I'm sure everyone knows.  It is that moment when the "wearing of the green" is common to so many of us - Irish ancestry or not.  I have many good friends who are Irish through and through - one of my closest friends is Sister Kathleen McCauley of Seton Hill who I bet was at the parade in Pittsburgh. To all who celebrated ... A BELATED HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!

     There was a wonderful Irish family at All Saints in Masontown by the name of Mullooly - Francis and his sisters Martha and Elnora.  Irish to the tee!  Martha is in a home, and Elnora passed last Fall and Francis this Winter.  They made provisions for their memorial Mass to be celebrated this past Saturday at 11 am at All Saints - Saint Patrick's Day.  May they rejoice with Patrick in heaven!

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