Saturday, March 24, 2012

A great meditation

     Last evening we gathered in Church to once again pray the "Way of the Cross", a tremendous Lenten devotion that walks the way of the passion of Christ through fourteen (fifteen) moments or stations.  Originally made by pilgrims in Jerusalem, this devotion is now found everywhere.  There are many expressions of prayer and reflection found in published versions, but we use a more traditional format.  I must admit being disappointed at the attendance at our parish this year - in talking to my sister Janie yesterday, my home parish had three times as many attending there from a parish one third less in size.  But for those who gathered, it was and always is moving.

     I remember going to Stations as a kid.  Our booklets had pictures of the passion of Christ that were graphic.  It definitely helped me appreciate the sacrifice of Christ.  I remember in high school attending Stations on Friday evenings in the large and reflective basilica at Saint Vincent in Latrobe.

     I have had two great experiences of sharing this devotion with members of other faiths.  While in Masontown, a Lenten Community prayer breakfast that met weekly in Uniontown asked me to give the teaching each week.  I took the Stations, two or so at a time, and gave the reflections.   It was extremely well received.  The other was in Scottdale where the community gathered each Sunday evening during Lent in a different church for a service.  When they came to Saint John the Baptist, I led them in our Stations of the Cross.  Again, they were very well received.

     If you have never done so, expose yourself to this wonderful devotion and enter into that journey to the cross.

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