Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally back

The last few days have been a bit frustrating. I was without internet connection most of Tuesday, was under the weather on Wednesday, and today it has taken till now to post. I apologize.

Since I last posted on the feast of Saint Joseph, Spring came to this part of the world . . . BUT we have just had a week of great Summer weather, with high's in the 80's and lots of sun. Not being a snow and cold person, I have loved this mild Winter and lack of Spring. I just hope that we are not going to pay for it.

Our staff met this afternoon to plan for the post Easter/Summer months. How time flies. One very interesting thing that took place was the unexpected visit of a friend from a previous parish who asked me to bless his Harley. I did so with great pleasure. His visit got a few of the staff to suggest that we sponsor a "Blessing of the Bikes". We are not aware of any such events close by, except in the town of Murrysville at one of the churches. I gave my okay, and we are looking at the first Sunday in May. It should be fun. It will be interesting to see how many bikers the event will draw.

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