Sunday, March 4, 2012


In these early days of Lent, on this second Sunday, we are given a glimpse, like Peter, James and John, of the glory of God that is found in Jesus. This vision of his hol iness, of his power and majesty, is given to us to remind us that no matter what happens, despite the trials that present themselves, and the appearance of the illusion of evil's power, we have nothing to fear. When we accept the invitation to enter into unity with Christ through baptism, we share in his holiness, his power and glory. Nothing can take that from us as long as we remain true to our YES!

This gift has come our way because of a great and the ultimate sacrifice. God gave his only son as proof of the promise that he has made to us. Jesus died on the Cross, in pure and unqualified love, so that we might live. His willingness to die for us, and the Father's willingness to permit that to happen in order that sin be overcoms, is love. Our willingness to enter into that mystery brings with it tremendous blessing. Whatever sacrifice that it takes on our part pales in comparison with the ultimate sacrifice.

Let your Lenten sacrifices and Lenten journey open the way for blessings in your life.

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