Monday, March 5, 2012

The people in our lives

Today's reflection touches on a number of individuals who have touched my life and who have had significant moments in their lives these past few days.

I did not find out until late yesterday that a former parishioner and lovely lady was to be buried this morning at the Church of Saint Paul in Greensburg, where I served as pastor from 1992 to 2000. This dear lady's name was Mary Curiale. She and her late husband, Angelo, were the kind of parishioners every pastor finds blessings in . . . kind, generous, involved in everything, supportive, good friends, and genuinely good Catholics. Mary was laid to rest by her pastor, Father Tom Ferderline. She joins Angelo in their eternal reward with my prayers and gratitude.

Yesterday, March 4th, marked the 8th anniversary of the ordination and installation of our bishop, Lawrence Brandt. Bishop Brandt is the fourth diocesan bishop of the Greensburg Diocese. My first meeting with Bishop Brandt took place on the day of the announcement of his appointment. I was serving as a Diocesan Consultor, andhad the honor of being at the Pastoral Center for his arrival. My second meeting was just after his arrival in the diocese. I was having a procedure done at Westmoreland hospital and found that the new bishop elect found his way to pray with me, wish me well, and chat with my sister as I was being prepped. I thank him for his friendship and service.

Yesterday was also the birthday of a Benedictine Sister of Pittsburgh, Sister Anne Lazar, who shared ministry and friendship with me at Saint John the Baptist in Scottdale. Sister Anne is now living at the monastary in the North Hills of Pittsbugh. In order to remain her friend, I will not reveal her age. Happy birthday.

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