Saturday, March 10, 2012

An old remembrance

This evening at Mass I told a true story from the sixties that was brought to mind by the gospel. That gospel has Jesus casting out the buyers and sellers and the money changers from the temple. A very dramatic event!

When I was in high school seminary, we were home for some reason. A seminary friend and I attended a First Friday evening Mass at Saint Mary Slovak church in Uniontown. Mass began as usual, except that it was in Slovak. It seems as if the people had asked the pastor to celebrate Mass in Slovak. Once we were through the penetential rite, with practically NO response from the pews, the pastor stopped. He asked if everyone had their Slovak prayer books that had been purchased before hand. When no one had their books with them, he told the server to get the box from the sacristy and bring it to the communion rail. He then proceeded to sell the Slovak prayer books before continuing with Mass.

John and I looked at each other, somewhat shocked and put out, shook our heads, and recalled today's gospel passage. Even though not spoken at that moment, we resolved to avoid the temptation to "buy and sell in the temple".

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