Friday, March 16, 2012

An inspiring pilgrimage

Lent is a time for journey and pilgrimage. Friday's during Lent are specific days to make the "via crucis", the way of the cross. A short time ago I was driving through our small borough of Irwin when I saw the youngsters from Queen of Angels Catholic school making their Friday trek from the school to Immaculate Conception Church where they pray the Stations. This is not the first Friday that I observed the kids and their teachers making the journey. The distance is about three quarters of a mile one way, fairly level, nice sidewalks, friendly people, and if the weather is good, a nice excursion. I think that the kids enjoy the outing.

Our kids are great, and they give good witness in their neat uniforms, their exuberance, their smiles, and their Faith. They are an inspiration! And they get so excited when they see me, making me feel great!

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